Insect and Spider Resources

Many people visit Monticello Park to look for birds, but there are also many arthropods in the park.

Insects and spiders can be difficult to identify. Sometimes they can be identified only to genus, not to species. The best online source for identification information about insects and spiders is BugGuide, operated by Iowa State University. You can use BugGuide to either find a photo that matches what you have seen at Monticello Park, or submit a photo of what you have seen for identification assistance by experts. Insect Identification is another website that provides aid in identifying arthropods.

These websites focus on arachnids:

These websites aid in identifying butterflies and moths:

This website is for the identification of flies, as part of the Zurqui All-Diptera Biodiversity Inventory:

These books provide information for identifying and understanding insects and spiders: