Bird Behavior and Ornithology Resources

Ornithology is the branch of zoology involving the study of birds. Ornithologists study anatomy, evolution, bird behavior, the role birds in the environment, and many other aspects of birds. You can better appreciate the birds who visit Monticello Park if you understand their component parts, their evolutionary history, and how they fit into the natural world.

Birds of North America is a comprehensive source of ornithological information about American bird species. Each account examines factors such as appearance, distribution, diet, behavior, breeding, conservation status, and more. The species accounts were published as booklets between 1992 and 2003, and you now can pay to access them online. Before they became available, the principal source of information about the life histories of American birds was a series compiled by Arthur Cleveland Bent and his successors between 1919 and 1968. The Bent life histories are now in the public domain and available for free online.

Monticello Park offers excellent opportunities to observe bird behavior at close range. A great many sources exist with information about bird behavior and the minds of birds:

These resources examine bird migration behavior:

These books are about the reproductive behavior of birds:

Here are resources about the study of birds, including books about ornithology and a downloadable checklist of the birds of the world:

The "Bird Info" section on the Sibley Guides website offers a wealth of information.

These resources are about bird feathers and birds without feathers: