Geology and Neighborhood History

Geology plays a major role in determining the vegetation, birds, insects, and other life forms in Monticello Park. Most of Alexandria, including Monticello Park, overlies the Potomac Formation, which constitutes the base of the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain.

The following links can help you to learn more about the geology of Alexandria, Beverley Hills, and Monticello Park:

This link provides information about the geology of Virginia and the Fall Line:

These links provide an introduction to geology principles:

The Beverley Hills area in which Monticello Park is located was occupied by thousands of Union soldiers during the Civil War to protect against attacks on Washington, DC. In the 1930s, a planned housing community was built in the area. A 1992 Washington Post article discusses the history of the area. A brochure from the 1930s describes the planned development of the Beverley Hills neighborhood.