Bluestem Goldenrod

Solidago caesia


Other Names:
Wreath Goldenrod, Woodland Goldenrod, Axillary Goldenrod

Bluestem Goldenrod is a common native perennial plant throughout Virginia. The pollen and nectar of the flowers attract wasps, flies, and some bees. Some moths eat the foliage, and it is a host plant for beetles, leafhoppers, and the larvae of some flies. Goldfinches, juncos, sparrows, and other species eat the seeds. It is an aster that blooms in the late summer and into the autumn, and it has tiny flowers that look like bright yellow daisies. Goldenrod is sometimes wrongly blamed for causing hay fever, because it blooms around the same time as ragweed.

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Bluestem Goldenrod
Bluestem Goldenrod

Bluestem Goldenrod
Bluestem Goldenrod going to seed

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