Hooked Buttercup

Ranunculus recurvatus


Other Names:
Blisterwort, Hooked Crowfoot

Hooked Buttercup is a native perennial plant that grows throughout Virginia. It flowers early and prefers moist deciduous woods. A number of small bees are attracted to the flowers, and chipmunks eat the seeds. An achene is a simple dry seedpod produced by many flowering plants; the achene on this species of buttercup has unusually long hooks, which you can see in the photo above. The name of the buttercup family used to be "crowfoot", which is why a lot of the alternative names for different species of buttercups contain that word.

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North America Virginia

Hooked Buttercup plant
A Hooked Buttercup plant

Hooked Buttercup leaves
A leaf of a Hooked Buttercup

Hooked Buttercup flower
A Hooked Buttercup flower

Hooked Buttercup seedpod
A green Hooked Buttercup seedpod, showing the hooks

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