Multiflora Rose

Rosa multiflora


Other Names:
Baby Rose, Seven-sisters Rose, Eijitsu Rose

Multiflora Rose is an aggressive invasive plant from east Asia. It was introduced to the US from Japan in the 1860s to provide rootstock for the cultivation of roses. It also was used in the 1930s to stop soil erosion. However, it soon began to crowd out native plants by forming dense thickets. Multiflora Rose has been classified as a noxious weed or a prohibited invasive in 41 states; it has been banned in 13 of them.

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North America Virginia

Multiflora Rose
Flowers and buds

Multiflora Rose
A blooming Multiflora Rose

Multiflora Rose
A flower

Multiflora Rose
A flower and buds

Multiflora Rose
A Multiflora Rose plant in bud

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