Solomon's Seal

Polygonatum biflorum


Other Names:
Smooth Solomon's-seal, Great Solomon's-seal

Solomon's Seal is a native plant found throughout Virginia. It is in the asparagus family, along with False Solomon's Seal, which also is found at Monticello Park. The origin of the name is unclear. "Solomon's Seal" might refer to the large circular scars (seals) on its roots, which are thought to resemble the pattern on a signet ring attributed to King Solomon in Jewish, Islamic, and western occult folklore. The name might come from the resemblance of the scars to Hebrew characters. Yet another explanation is that the plant was used to "seal" wounds.

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Solomon's Seal
A Solomon's Seal plant in bloom, May 5, 2018. The flowers are small and hang beneath the arching stems.

Solomon's Seal
Solomon's Seal

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