Hillside Blueberry

Vaccinium pallidum


Other Names:
Blue Ridge Blueberry, Eastern Lowbush Blueberry, Late Lowbush Blueberry, Early Lowbush Blueberry

Hillside Blueberry is a common native deciduous shrub that grows throughout Virginia. It is in the same genus as Deerberry and species that produce cranberries and huckleberries. It is found in many types of habitats, including on disturbed sites such as roadsides and abandoned fields. Many birds and animals eat the fruits. The flowers are cross-pollinated by a number of different types of bees, and numerous caterpillars, beetles, and other insects eat the leaves. Hillside Blueberry usually does not grow to be more than 3 feet tall. Another name for it is the Lowbush Blueberry. A similar species called the Highbush Blueberry (Vaccinium Corymbosum) and some of its hybrids are grown for commercial purposes. The United States now produces more than a quarter of a million tons of blueberries per year, and world production exceeds half a million tons.

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Fresh Blueberry leaves
Fresh Hillside Blueberry leaves emerging on green stems in spring

Blueberry leaves
Summer leaves of a Hillside Blueberry bush

Blueberry flowers
Emerging Hillside Blueberry flower cluster

Blueberry flowers
New Hillside Blueberry flowers

Blueberry flowers
Hillside Blueberry Flowers

Blueberry flowers
Hillside Blueberry Flowers

Blueberry flowers
Hillside Blueberry Flowers

Hillside Blueberry fruits

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