Amur Honeysuckle

Lonicera maackii


Other Name:

Amur Honeysuckle is one of three species of bush honeysuckle in Virginia, all of which are highly invasive; the other two are Japanese Honeysuckle and Morrow's Honeysuckle. A lot of it grows in Monticello Park. The name "honeysuckle" is based on children sucking on the flowers to enjoy the sweet nectar. Amur Honeysuckle is in the genus Lonicera which has about 180 species, only 20 of which are native to North America. Another name for honeysuckle is "woodbine", and it has often been referenced in literature. William Shakespeare, Alfred Tennyson, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, John Milton, Walter Scott, John Keats, and others have written about the scent or appearance of the flowers.

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North America Virginia

Bush Honeysuckle flowers
Amur Honeysuckle in bloom, with freshly-opened white flowers

Bush Honeysuckle buds
Amur Honeysuckle in bloom

Bush Honeysuckle buds
Amur Honeysuckle in bud

Bush Honeysuckle
Amur Honeysuckle with berries

Bush Honeysuckle
Amur Honeysuckle berries can be red or brown

Bush Honeysuckle
Amur Honeysuckle berries

Bush Honeysuckle
An Amur Honeysuckle shrub in autumn, hanging over the stream

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