Eastern Redbud

Cercis Canadensis


Other Names:
Judas Tree, Forest Pansy

The Eastern Redbud is a native shrub or small tree found in most of Virginia. It is the state tree of Oklahoma. Bumblebees, honeybees, and other bee species pollinate the trees and are attracted to the nectar and pollen. Moths, leafhoppers, beetles, and other types of insects feed on the leaves or wood. Many birds forage in Eastern Redbuds. The dark pink buds and flowers make the trees very popular with gardeners. The blooming of redbuds in April is a sign that spring has arrived. George Washington planted Eastern Redbuds on his property at Mount Vernon.

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North America Virginia

Redbud flowers
Eastern Redbud flowers grow in clusters directly out of branches and trunks

Redbud Tree
Eastern Redbud at the south end of the dog exercise area

Redbud tree in bloom
Branches of Eastern Redbud blooming in April

Redbud Tree
Blooming Eastern Redbud branch

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