Northern Red Oak

Quercus rubra


Other Name:
Champion Oak

The Northern Red Oak is a common native tree in Virginia, and Monticello Park has a lot of them. White Oaks and Northern Red Oaks are the two most common oak species in the park. The tips of Northern Red Oak leaves are pointed, while the tips of White Oak leaves are rounded. A lot of bird species forage in Northern Red Oaks. Many moths and butterflies eat the foliage, as do treehoppers, wood-boring beetles, leafhoppers, aphids, plant bugs, and other insects, and bats and small mammals roost in holes in them. The Northern Red Oak is highly prized for flooring, furniture, and interior trim, but because its grain is very open, it is not suitable for most outdoor uses or for making barrels.

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Red Oak leaves
Dried Red Oak leaves in autumn

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