Willow Oak

Quercus phellos


Willow Oaks are native trees that are used primarily for ornamental purposes. The long thin leaves look like willow leaves. Many species of birds forage in them, and some nest in them. Willow Oaks are an important food source for a great many moths, butterflies, and skippers, and they support a long list of beetles and other insects. They produce a large crop of acorns each year, and they are an important food source for squirrels and other small mammals. The wood is used mostly for pulp and paper production, but sometimes for lumber. The Willow Oak is one of the most popular trees for horticultural planting, due to its rapid growth, hardiness, ability to withstand both sun and shade, light green leaf color, and full crown. In Washington, DC, some Willow Oaks have grown larger than expected, and their roots have caused cracks in nearby sidewalks. One way DC has tried to address the problem is by using sidewalks made of recycled tires.

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Willow Oak sapling
Willow Oak saplings

Willow Oak leaves
Willow Oak leaves

Willow Oak leaves
Willow Oak leaves

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