American Witch-hazel

Hamamelis virginiana


Other Names:
Winter Bloom, Snapping Tobacco Wood, Spotted Elder

The American Witch-hazel is a common native shrub found throughout Virginia. Many species of birds forage in it, and it attracts a variety of insects, including wasps, flies, midges, flies, beetles, and a long list of moths. The "witch" in the name comes from the witching rods used in dowsing, which is an unscientific method of trying to locate groundwater and other items underground by holding a stick over it and feeling for vibrations. Hazel is a type of tree or shrub native to parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Witch-hazel is widely known as an astringent, and you can buy many witch-hazel health and beauty products, from skin toner to hemorrhoid pads.

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North America Virginia

American Witch-hazel
Several branches blooming in November

American Witch-hazel
Witch-hazel blossoms

American Witch-hazel
Witch-hazel blossoms and dry leaves

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