Field Bindweed

Convolvulus arvensis


Other Names:
Perennial Morning Glory, Smallflowered Morning Glory, Lesser Bindweed, European Bindweed, Creeping Jenny, Possession Vine, Heavenly Trumpets, Devil's Guts

Despite its attractive flowers, Field Bindweed is a rapidly spreading invasive vine and one of the most serious weeds in agricultural fields in temperate regions of the world. It is native to Eurasia and was introduced to the United States from Europe during the 1700s. Dense mats of it have spread into agricultural fields in the US and annually do hundreds of millions of dollars of damage. Field Bindweed is in the same family as sweet potatoes, but it is not closely related to yams, which are in a different family.

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Field Bindweed flower
Field Bindweed leaves

Field Bindweed vine
Field Bindweed in bloom

Field Bindweed
Field Bindweed

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